What President Trump’s Proposed Budget Means For Your Social Security Disability Claim.

Marken Law Group, PS, has helped hundreds obtain Social Security Disability benefits. We do NOT have a political opinion with respect to President Trump but merely want you to be aware of the PROPOSED budget and what implications it could have for your Social Security Disability and/or SSI claim.

President Trump today issued his proposed budget which includes cuts to Social Security. There are several preliminary facts to know; 1) this is a proposed budget, nothing is set in law, 2) the Social Security cuts are GENERAL in nature with few specifics at the moment (detail below) and 3) the measures would go into effect rather quickly if passed.

To be sure we are not political, I am posting articles concerning the proposed budget from four credible news sources, FOXNEWS, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. There are countless internet articles concerning the proposed budget but I believe these four news sources to be the most reliable among the political spectrum.

The proposal would, according to various news outlets, cut Social Security by $72 billion over 10 years, roughly a 4% cut across the board.  The link above was to a Huffington Post article which likely will frustrate Republicans. Here is a similar mention in Fox News regarding any cuts to Social Security, similarly likely to frustrate Democrats. Fox News states there are no cuts to Social Security while the Huffington Post cites a 4% cut across the board over 10 years. The Washington Post article cites a 3.2% cut in SSI benefits over ten years based on projections of future costs.  In the same article they do not cite a monetary change for SSDI benefits. In theory, this would make it more difficult to obtain SSI benefits, but this is not proven as the cut is based on future projections and therefore quite unknown. I would note the Washington Post article, again this is no way meant to be political, provides graphs and estimates which we found quite helpful, headlines and politics aside. The New York Times, cites the “Disability programs (cut by) $72 billion. The budget would tighten access to Social Security’s disability program, counting $48 billion in savings from testing “new approaches to increase labor force participation.”

From both sides of the political spectrum there has been sloppy reporting. It does seem likely, there will be cuts to SSI benefits in the form of making it harder to obtain these benefits. SSI benefits, largely viewed as welfare, are available for people who qualify, whether or not they have ever worked. I find it unlikely, in the short term, and based upon these four news sources, that ANYTHING will be cut from SSDI benefits, Title 2, as it relates to persons who have paid into the Social Security fund from their earnings. These claimants, who become disabled, have paid into Social Security from their taxes to protect them if this unfortunate situation presents itself. I do not see from these proposals inference this benefits is going to be cut. Until we have a PASSED budget, as a budget is a legal document, and until we have any, if at all, new regulations from Social Security, I do not see this being a cut into the Social Security Administration for the time being.

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