Have you been denied Disability or SSI Benefits? Marken Law Group, PS can help. Whether you have been denied disability benefits initially, at reconsideration, or by the administrative judge or appeals council, we have the experience to provide you the answers and the correct approach to win your next appeal! These benefits are rightly yours, but denied disability is not uncommon. Social Security wants to make it as hard as they can for you to achieve these deserved benefits. Fortunately, Marken Law Group, PS, can help. Best of all, there is NO FEE unless we get you benefits. So pick up the phone today!

No Benefits, No Fee!

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Disabled?  We can help!  Get in touch with us today.

3 Realities of Your Claim


The government will not provide assistance with your claim for benefits.


You need medical evidence to prove your Social Security disability claim, so it may be beneficial to get assistance compiling this evidence from an experienced SSI attorney.


Spokane Social Security disability assistance from the Marken Law Group costs you nothing unless you win your claim.