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Getting injured can change your life dramatically. Even if you are unable to work due to a personal or work-related injury, you still need to pay the bills. We want to help you take back the control in your life! Marken Law Group is committed to providing Social Security disability assistance from the initial filing date until the day you receive benefits.

Do you live in western Montana and need legal representation? You need an experienced Social Security Disability attorney on your side! Our offices are located in Spokane, Washington – but don’t worry, distance is not a factor! We can help you from the comfort of your own home via e-mail, phone, text message, or video call. With years of experience and having built close relationships with Spokane judges, processing times are significantly decreased, which means you could get your benefits sooner! 

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Marken Law Group has expertly represented thousands Social Security Disability and Personal Injury cases in the western United States. We will walk you through the process of filing a claim without any payment until your claim is approved.


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