Federal Appeals

Marken Law Group, PS, currently represents claimants who have been denied at the administrative hearing level, before a judge, and after the appeals council denial. After all that, the final step, in many cases, is appealing to United States Federal District Court with your SSI appeal attorney.

Marken Law Group, PS, has successfully obtained remanded hearings and benefits for claimants who believe all options are over, by appealing to The United States Federal Court. Like other services Marken Law Group, PS, provides, there is NO FEE. In fact, Marken Law Group, PS, only gets a fee if we are successful in your Federal Court Appeal!

We have the experience and dedication to fight for your Social Security benefits in the Federal Courts!

Federal court house pillars.

3 Realities of Your Claim


The government will not provide assistance with your claim for benefits.


You need medical evidence to prove your Social Security disability claim.


Hiring an attorney costs you nothing unless you win your claim.

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