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Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can unfortunately be a difficult and stressful process. This is especially true if you have already been denied your SSI benefits at the initial stage of the application process. The SSI appeals process can be lengthy and confusing, and many deserving people regularly receive decisions to deny benefits despite going through the multiple stages of the social security administration appeal.

After all that work, it makes sense that many applicants would feel like giving up on claiming their SSI benefits! However, if you cannot work due to injury, illness, or disability, you do have one remaining option to get the benefits you rightfully deserve and that is by filing an appeal to the United States Federal District Court.

The law firm of Marken Law Group, PS, currently represents claimants who have been denied at the administrative disability hearing level, before a judge, and after the appeals council decision. By pursuing federal court appeals, our disability attorneys have successfully obtained remanded hearings and benefits for claimants who believe all options are over. We have the experience with the federal courts and dedication you need to fight for your Social Security benefits and help you navigate the federal court review process!

Like other services Marken Law Group, PS, provides, there is NO FEE. In fact, Marken Law Group, PS, only gets a fee if we are successful in your Federal Court Appeal! If you need help appealing your SSI decision in Federal Court, contact us today to request a free evaluation of your case.

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3 Realities of your Social Security Benefits Claim

The government will not provide assistance with your claim for benefits.

You need medical evidence to prove your Social Security disability claim.

Hiring an attorney costs you nothing unless you win your claim.

Filing a federal court appeals

Although you can technically file a civil suit in Federal Court on your own, the federal appeals process can be confusing and legally complicated. There are very strict deadlines for filing documents with the court, and you can risk having your case dismissed if the rules are not rigorously followed. This is why having an experienced disability attorney, like Evan Marken, at your side is important to help you ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

We are here to assist you through each step of the federal appeals process!

We will start your federal appeal by filing the initial court complaint within 60 days of receiving your decision from the Appeals Council. We will then take the time to prepare the court brief on your behalf which provides the judge with arguments as to why your case was wrongly denied. Although the court will not consider any new evidence at this time, we have the ability and experience to argue your claim before a judge based on your medical condition, disability law, and possible procedural errors that may have occurred throughout your application and appeals process.

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Frequently Asked questions About Disability Appeals

Filing a federal appeal is the last step in the appeals process for your social security disability benefits. Before pursuing this step you must first complete the other stages of appeal as dictated by the Social Security Administration. These steps are:

      1. File a request for reconsideration
      2. Request a hearing by an administrative law judge
      3. Request an Appeals Council review.

The law offices of Marken Law Group, PS are happy to review your case at any stage of this process and will work hard to fight for your SSA benefits though each level of the appeals process.

The amount of time each SSI appeal takes can vary, but you should honestly be prepared for a lengthy process. However, hiring an experienced attorney will help you ensure that all court deadlines are made, and the process is expedited as much as possible.

Hiring an SSDI attorney will cost you nothing unless you win your appeal. If your SSDI benefits are awarded in your favor, the court will regulate the amount that your attorney will receive based on the results of your decision.

One thing to keep in mind is that you must pay a filing fee to file your appeal with the courts. If this fee will cause you financial hardship, Marken Law Group, PS can help you request a waiver of this fee.

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