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Marken Law Group, PS, has represented many who have unfortunately been involved in motor vehicle accidents. We offer free consultations and only charge a fee if we recover a settlement you approve! The insurance industry has lawyers dedicated to making sure you settle quickly and most importantly, for little or no money.

We can help you get your medical bills covered and a settlement for your pain and suffering. Once Marken Law Group, PS, begins our representation, the calls from the insurance companies STOP! They deal with us, and the insurance companies don’t want to deal with us. We have a proven track record of taking cases to trial which in turn wants them to settle cases quickly. A motor vehicle accident and the aftermath can provide a great deal of stress and anxiety to those involved. Let us take your case and get you the settlement you deserve!

Marken Law Group, PS, reduces our fee on settlement for those in the military and for senior citizens. Our firm is invested in the Spokane area and are proud to represent anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident today! Call or text for a free consultation today!

Rear end collision with a car and a truck.

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You want SERVICE. With the Marken Law Group, PS, you get personal service as well as the security of working with an experienced Social Security disability attorney. We can help you walk through the process of filing your claim without any payment to our firm.


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