You want SERVICE. With Marken Law Group, PS, you get personal service as well as the security of representation from an experienced SSDI attorney.

Social Security Appeals

It is important, once your claim is denied, to involve and SSI and SSDI attorney as soon as possible. From the moment your claim for benefits is denied, Marken Law Group, PS will be by your side, representing you through the entire process. We will not be paid unless you get the benefits you rightly deserve.

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SSI Appeals

Supplemental Security Income, or “SSI,” is an important and last resort for many people struggling to make ends meet. At Marken Law Group, we know the process and want to help!

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Appeals to Federal Court

If denied after a hearing by the judge, Marken Law Group, PS, represents clients who desire to appeal their claims to Federal Court in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and California. We have the experience to help.

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Initial Filing of a Claim

The process to even file an initial claim for social security benefits can be a confusing and frightening ordeal. It is never to early to involve an SSI & SSDI attorney. At Marken Law Group, PS, we can help you walk through the process without any payment to our firm.

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