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For the best chance of earning benefits from the SSI program, hire an experienced Social Security benefits attorney. We have the experience you need. Marken Law Group, PS, has helped hundreds of people obtain Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI).

Under Title II of the Social Security Act, to be eligible for SSI, applicants must prove to the Social Security Administration that they are unable to work.

While SSI claims are similar to disability claims, SSI claims are a separate type of claim under Title XVI of the Social Security Act. Therefore, they require the attention to detail that Marken Law Group, PS, provides!

Above all, you should have a Social Security benefits attorney who has helped people in the same situation navigate the Social Security Administration as we have.

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Frequently Asked questions About SSI Benefits

The maximum Federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payment changes year to year. As of 2021, the monthly maximum amount SSI recipients can receive is $794 for a qualified individual and $1,191 for a qualified individual with a qualified spouse.

Applicants aged 18 and older can apply for SSI using your My Social Security account online or by visiting a local Social Security office, but many benefits are denied on the first try. Marken Law can fight for your benefits and apply for you, or appeal your denial. We don’t get paid unless you win!

For Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) you must wait five months from the time you become disabled until you may be eligible for benefits. SSI has no waiting period requirement, but the application process can be difficult and many claims are denied on the first try. We can help appeal a denial, help you file your SSI or SSDI claim, and fight for your benefits. Contact us now to get started for free.

SSI benefits are not taxable but you must report all sources of income and resources to the Social Security Administration if you receive SSI payments. SSI does not need to be reported as income to the IRS.

The reason you must report your income to the SSA is so that they can monitor your eligibility to receive SSI benefits. If you exceed the income threshold you may stop receiving benefits.

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