Social security claim document on a desk.

Completing A Function Report (Form 3373) Will Typically Hurt Your Claim.

Marken Law Group, PS, has helped hundreds obtain Social Security Disability benefits and know what judges and division of disability services looks for in making their determinations.

Adult Function Reports, form 3373, is a form that gets many claimants into trouble. A seven page form, presented by the Social Security Administration as mandatory hurts most claimants in their disability claim. The form itself asks the individual claimant about their daily activities including hygiene, personal care, activities that are completed around the house and any hobbies a person might be engaged. In almost all unfavorable decisions, an ALJ will specifically cite an individuals Adult Function Report to DISCREDIT a claimant. Sounds harsh. It’s true. Some claimants, believing this form HELPS their case, will have other family members or spouses complete an additional Adult Function Report! These forms are designed to discredit claimants. At the very BEST, they are insignificant and would not PROVE one is disabled. The most important, and necessary, evidence in your case is your medical records and doctor’s statements on your behalf in the form of opinion testimony.

The Adult Function Report is an important way to discredit your disability claim. The form, provided here, should be answered very thoughtfully realizing people will use your answers against you.

Social Security is looking for reasons to deny you benefits. Make no mistake. The administration is not on your side. WHEN you complete this form, give it to your attorney for review. WHEN you complete this form, understand that EVERY answer will be used against you at every level of your claim, most significantly before an Administrative Law Judge. If you check the box that you drive a vehicle, this will be used against you by the judge. Note the question does not ask the FREQUENCY at which you complete this activity. So if you drove a vehicle once in the last three months, and check the box stating you drive a vehicle, the judge will view this as you drive every day. Most of the questions asked are generic and overly broad.

I have NEVER seen a favorable decision by a judge wherein the Adult Function Report HELPED someone be found disabled! The SOCIAL SECURITY LAW requires medical records to prove disability. A report, often times composed months-to-years before a hearing, will only hurt your claim.

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