The Myth of Being Litigious in a Personal Injury Claim.

Marken Law Group, PS, represents disability claimants in front of the Social Security Administration. We also help those injured in a motor vehicle accident. We have helped many recover when the insurance companies have threatened or harassed those who have been injured.

One of the common themes I hear from a potential personal injury claimant is similar to: “The person who hit me was nice about it, I don’t want to sue” or “I am not a litigious person, I don’t want to sue people.” These are great characteristics in America, an overly litigious society. How this is a myth in personal injury claims, is explained below.

Most personal injury lawyers will not go after someone, personally, without insurance. People who do not have insurance,  typically, do not have any money. In addition, most injury attorney’s wouldn’t know how to recover from an individual if they did sue someone without insurance.

Car insurance is held by many, with minimum limits determined by state. In Washington, the bodily injury number is $25,000.00. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, citing US Government statistics, 95% of personal injury cases will settle. This means that 95% of personal injury cases do not going to trial. The number of cases that a lawsuit is not even initiated is similarly high. Hiring a personal injury lawyer does not mean that the sweet old lady who rear ended you is going to be deposed and dragged through a three year court battle.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer means a few things; 1) the insurance companies will not be allowed to contact you once they receive notice of representation by a lawyer. This may seem trivial to those who have never been constantly harassed by claims adjusters who make bonus’s when they get you to settle immediately for a few hundred dollars. 2) a personal injury lawyer can let you focus on medical treatment and prepare your claim in a cogent and professional manner, understanding what the insurance companies evaluate when determining to pay a claim. 3) settle your case, negotiate with the insurance companies to get you the most equitable settlement available.

The myth that surrounds hiring a personal injury lawyer is clearly an insurance company tool so you won’t get the compensation you deserve to make you whole again. Meanwhile the insurance companies, and their shareholders, couldn’t be more pleased. A list of Fortune 500’s top companies with respect to profit, the major insurance companies all made the list!

Marken Law Group, PS, has helped many navigate their personal injury claim the way they want to proceed! Best settlement? Quick and easy? Trial? Or just to get the insurance companies off your back! We offer reduced settlement fees for members of the military, past and present, and senior citizens. Call for a free consultation today!