The Benefits of Filing Your Initial Claim with an Attorney

Marken Law Group, PS, has helped many obtain Social Security Disability and SSI benefits. We represent claimants from filing an initial claim to Federal District Court if necessary. Starting the disability process through the Social Security Administration with an attorney is a wise choice for the reasons discussed herein.

Social Security has capped fees for attorney representatives equaling the LESSER of $6,000 or 25% of PAST DUE benefits. In practical terms if the Social Security Administration finds you disabled one month prior to your application, your attorney would only be eligible to recover 25% of your ONE MONTH past benefits. A small amount for assistance in getting you benefits.

A Social Security attorney can get you started correctly by ensuring ALL medical providers are accounted for, listed, and any potential red flags in your claim to be addressed at the beginning. An attorney can also assist you in having the best possible chance by obtaining statements from your providers specifically designed to approve your initial or reconsideration disability claim.

Understand, MOST claimants will be denied at the initial AND reconsideration levels. However, having an attorney at the start of your claim process will enable you to stand a chance at being one of the select few who are approved early on in the process.

An attorney’s fee through the administrative levels does not change. It is not allowed by law. For instance if you decide to hire an attorney for administrative hearing, after you have been denied twice previously, the attorney is still allowed to recover the lesser of $6,000 or 25% of past due benefits. Logistically it makes sense to hire an attorney at the beginning stages to help you navigate the Social Security Administration and it’s bureaucratic system.

A Social Security attorney, if hired initially, will help walk you through the various forms you will have to complete once you apply for benefits including, but not limited to; work history reports, adult function report, disability report 3368 and any and all releases and requests for information the Social Security Administration will demand you complete. Again, an attorney COULD assist you with all these forms and the fee would remain constant.

Too often we have encountered claimants hire an attorney late in the process, confused and frustrated, unsure of what they have completed or what is even in their file! Don’t let this happen to you! Social Security attorneys will be aware of what has been submitted in your claim, the way forms should be completed to maximize your potential for success at the earliest stages! This all for a fee that does not change during the administrative life of your claim; $6,000 or 25%, whichever is LESS of your past due benefits ONLY! A Social Security attorney is not allowed by law to charge or collect a fee on present or future benefits, only PAST benefits. Hiring an attorney at the beginning can save you a great deal of unneeded stress and anxiety as an experienced attorney will walk you through the process!

At Marken Law Group, PS, we represent Social Security claimants from initial filing, reconsideration, administrative hearing levels, appeals council and even Federal District Court! Call for your free consultation today and remember, No Benefits, No Fee!