Social security claim document on a desk.

Issues After Disability Is Awarded

Marken Law Group PS, prides itself on assisting clients after they have been approved disability if issues arise. Our representation might stop after you have been approved benefits but we will always answer an questions you might have. Many believe once they have been approved disability there are no other issues they should experience. This is not true. There are a variety of situations where benefits can be reduced or taken away altogether. These are addressed below.

First, there is a possibility a payee is awarded to manage your funds. This can be disheartening to many people and there is little to do about this decision. This issue will almost exclusively arise in mental health cases. There are two types of payees whereby the claimant is available to select the payee or a payee is appointed.

Second, applies only to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, your monthly payment can be reduced for a variety of reasons. Many do NOT understand why their monthly benefit has been lowered but the reasons are quite simple. Your SSI benefit can be lowered due to back child support owed, restitution with civil or criminal courts, alimony owed and, but not limited to, if you are receiving free or reduced rent. If you state you pay these in cash, this is not acceptable. You need to have written receipts of these payments and check stubs.

Third, Social Security has a right to review your claim to see if you are still disabled. Often times this will be in the decision for benefits itself, stating a review is ordered in 18 or 36 months. Social Security will then order updated medical records, contact you abut your condition and make a determination as to whether you are still disabled. In short, when found disabled, keep treating with your medical providers. If you fail to continue treatment, Social Security will find this a quick reason to cut-off your Social Security disability benefits.

Finally, if you make a certain amount per month, or even one month, your benefits can be cut off. The amount varies per year, as 2017 being $1140 per month as the maximum monthly amount you can make and still retain your benefits. This number is gross, meaning before taxes are taken out of your pay. This monthly amount applies to all claims and the issue is your benefits might never be restored unless you appeal and potentially need to file a new claim.

Marken Law Group, PS, counsels our clients throughout the entire process from beginning to end. We are here to answer your questions, even after benefits are awarded. Call today for a free consultation. No Benefits, No Fee!