Quick Tips if Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

Marken Law Group, PS, not only represents Social Security Disability claimants, we also have helped many in their motor vehicle accidents to get the compensation they deserve. Here are some quick tips if involved in a motor vehicle accident.

  1. Ensure everyone is not in a life threatening situation in your vehicle.
  2. Call the police. No matter how minor the accident, call the police. If they are too busy, they will let you know.
  3. If no serious injuries are noted, get out of the vehicle immediately and take pictures of the vehicles involved and the street and location to where it happened.
  4. Contact the other driver and ask for their insurance and id. Ask to see actual copies and take pictures of their drivers license, insurance information and vehicle plate number. *Note a common trick of uninsured motorists is to write down a bogus policy number. Another trick they have is purchasing a policy simply for proof of insurance and then cancelling the policy. It is therefore important to get a photo of their drivers license and vehicle plate number if needed.
  5. If your car is able to be moved, move your vehicle to a safe location. Contact your own insurance company as you might have roadside assistance in your policy if you need it towed. If you are able to drive home, take as many pictures of the damage immediately.
  6. Go to urgent care or the emergency room. Let them know you have just been in an accident. Most involved in accidents will have adrenaline and be in a state of shock, unaware of the injuries you may have.
  7. Contact an attorney. Remember, you can always negotiate a fee. Attorney’s will charge 33% typically of any medical settlement you receive. *Note: If an attorney wants to take a fee for your property settlement, your vehicle, this attorney does not have your best interests in mind.
  8. Once an attorney represents you, they will handle the insurance companies, you can simply get the medical treatment you need, without dealing with the sometimes harassing nature of the insurance companies.

This list is cursory and very general in nature. Consult an attorney to get representation specifically focused to your needs. Remember to get as many pictures of documentation and damages as possible and safe and know you can negotiate a fee with an attorney.