Female judge holding a wooden gavel.

Preparing for your Social Security Disability Hearing.

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If you have been denied a second time, at reconsideration, you have hopefully not given up and have appealed your second denial to have a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. There is hope yet for your claim. You can expect to wait anywhere from 6 months to well over a year after you file your request for a hearing before you actually get in front of a judge. There is a lot of time to prepare. If you still do not have an attorney, it is not too late. Attorney’s will make sure your file and ALL medical records are up to date. If you do not have an attorney, this is YOUR responsibility. The judge will typically not allow you a continuance to obtain additional records as you have had two years (roughly) to prepare your case.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your work history, function report, disability report are in your file. If you have an attorney they will have ensured, hopefully, your record is complete.

You should attempt to get your medical doctors to advocate on your behalf either by treating source statements (which any attorney practicing Social Security will possess) or if you are not represented by having your medical doctors (or mental health providers) write letters advocating for your disability. It is important a medical doctor advocates for your disability in SPECIFIC terms with objective findings.

Know your judge. When you are given a Social Security Disability administrative law judge, it will be closer to your hearing date. Look them up on THIS third party website that attempts to be accurate and current. Find out their approval percentage to at least know what you are getting into and see if their are specific comments from people who have been in front of your judge. Any bit of information can help. If you have an attorney, they will likely have been in front of your judge many times and can counsel you on what to look for in their questioning and how they operate their hearings. Any little bit of evidence or help at this phase could mean the difference between obtaining benefits and waiting years for a new claim or appeal to process.

Marken Law Group, PS, does not obtain a fee of ANY kind unless we get you Social Security Disability benefits. We have a focused and dedicated team who know the process and how to obtain benefits for deserving people like yourself. Call Today! No Benefits, No Fee!