Social Security Back Pay; What To Know.

Marken Law Group, PS, has helped hundreds obtain Social Security disability benefits. We do not charge a fee unless you obtain the benefits you deserve. The following has to do with what is commonly referred to as “back-pay” pertaining to Social Security disability benefits.

Social Security claims take a LONG time. They can at least, especially if you are denied at initial and reconsideration levels and are approved at the hearing level. This could be a two-year wait time from application to approval from a judge!

If you applied today, September 5, 2018 and put TODAY as your onset date, then if you had a hearing in two years (for sake of argument) and were found disabled at said hearing, you would be “entitled” to two-years back pay. If a judge or disability services representative finds you disabled from an earlier date, you would be entitled to back-pay. Often most wait an excruciatingly long time, resources are scarce, so the idea of a large back-pay award is enticing.

The reality is unfortunately typically discouraging and does not result in a windfall. First, the lawyers fee. 25% of your back pay. Second, any state welfare benefit paid out such as in Washington the Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD) monthly cash benefit of $197 per month. Washington, and any state when offered the money, will automatically receive that amount back. Third; owe back child support, alimony, judgement against you? It will all be taken out of your back pay. Fourth; did you obtain only SSI benefits? If yes, then the amount will likely be further reduced depending on various financial situations. Finally; waiting period of up to six months. In other words if you were found disabled two-years ago after recently filing your claim, there will likely only be 18 months of back-pay eligible. The above is a very generic, does-not-apply-in-all-situations-summary. However it is important to lower your expectations when it comes to back-pay. Most believe it will be a windfall of profit and in reality, it often results in a few thousand dollars if any if the above factors are applicable.

Back-pay may not come all at once, as the Social Security administration favors breaking up back-pay in smaller amounts over a period of time. Is their a payee order for your benefits? Then you really have no control over your money.

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