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Winning your Social Security Disability Claim.

Marken Law Group, PS, has helped hundreds obtain Social Security disability benefits in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana. We believe in a focused and skilled approach to obtaining you disability benefits through connecting with your treating physicians and having them advocate for your claim. We do not charge a fee unless you obtain the benefits you deserve. Below is the “essentials” on winning your Social Security Disability claim.

First step is obviously applying. Online for SSDI benefits and accompanying this with an SSI application via packet completed and mailed to your local office, going in your local office to start an SSI application, or processing one over the phone with Social Security. (SSI applications can NOT be done online). Make sure you list ALL the treating hospitals, clinics, mental health counselors you have been to at least one year PRIOR to your alleged onset date of disability.

Second step is completing ALL of Social Security’s forms. Yes I mean ALL. After completing your claim online and SSI, Social Security will send you a release to obtain medical records, disability report, work history report, adult function report. You will be overwhelmed, possibly, in paperwork. There will be time limits associated with each set of paperwork, 10 of 14 days depending. They will provide return envelopes. If you do not complete the forms in time, Social Security might deny you simply for failing to complete their necessary paperwork steps. Work History and Adult Function reports can be used against you in the future so think hard or consult an attorney prior to completion.

Third Step is obtaining a treating source statement(s)  from your primary DOCTOR, mental health counselor, any and all providers that are willing to advocate for your disability! Ideally not a generic letter. This needs to be SPECIFIC. Marken Law Group, PS has forms specifically tailored for each individual diagnosis to be as specific as possible. This is what Social Security looks for; specificity. If your medical doctor composes a letter stating “Jane Doe cannot work,” this will be insufficient. Doctor was capitalized because an “MD” is great evidence; other providers not a medical doctor (except mental health professionals) will not be given weight because of their lack of credentials.

Fourth Step is if Social Security Disability sends you to a consultative examination, or “CE,” you attend. Further realize the professionals you meet and are examined by at your CE are paid by the Social Security Administration.

Fifth Step; APPEAL. If you are denied at the initial and reconsideration levels, APPEAL. You have 60 days from the DATE of the denial letter. Most claimants are denied at the INITIAL and RECONSIDERATION levels. Following reconsideration denial you are entitled a HEARING in front of an administrative law judge.

Finally, be patient. Social Security Disability claims can take YEARS.

Marken Law Group, PS, is here to help. We do NOT charge a fee unless you obtain the benefits you deserve! Call today for a free consultation.