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Vocational Testimony During Your Social Security Hearing

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Throughout the country, hearings do vary. Some offices will have medical experts, others only in the rarest of occasions. All judges vary in their style of questions ask and what they are seeking in their questioning. The one thing that is sure, is that testimony will be taken by a vocational expert and that testimony will decide, ultimately, whether you will obtain benefits. There are a few things to understand.

First, the judge has made up his or her mind as to whether you are disabled or whether you are not disabled. In this respect the vocational experts opinions is, honestly, not important 90% of the time. The judge is going to ask questions that lead to their desired end result. The JUDGE determines the results, 90% of the time, but their is the important 10% of cases wherein the vocational expert makes errors in evaluating your PAST RELEVANT WORK and/or makes errors in evaluating the hypothetical wherein a well-trained Social Security Disability attorney is worth their weight in gold!

To the vocational experts credit, they have very little information typically to base your past relevant work on. The work history report is simple and can lead to errors in what you actually did at a given job during the 8 hour day. Most judges will ask basic questions but an attorney can guide testimony to show the true physically and mentally exertions undertaken in a particular job. A skilled Social Security attorney can help completion of the work history report in a light most favorable to you prior to your hearing.

**Remember, most Social Security attorney’s charge the same amount whether representing you for three years or for three days, so it is a wise idea to retain one at the start of your claim, if applicable. **

In the 10%, roughly, of cases where vocational testimony if corrected can change the course of a decision, a skilled attorney can prove invaluable. If you happen to be unrepresented, heading towards a hearing, you might want to consult an attorney if it is not too late. If it is, review your ELECTRONIC FILE. The local Social Security Office has sent you a CD with all your exhibits in your file on that disk. Look through the disk, especially the WORK HISTORY REPORT you completed as you will surely be asked questions about the document at your hearing.

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