Rear end collision with a car and a truck.

Motor Vehicle Accident To-Do List

Marken Law Group, PS, has helped many obtain Social Security disability benefits and has helped many involved in motor vehicle accidents get the compensation they deserve.

People involved in a motor vehicle accident are typically in shock right after the accident. They will, hopefully, exchange information, call the police, take pictures of vehicles, obtain witness names and phone numbers and get treated immediately following the accident. Hopefully the items listed were accomplished as they can greatly enhance any recovery.

Do not speak with the at-fault insurance carrier. They do not have to HAVE your statement to determine liability. The at-fault insurance company will attempt to sound like they care – and attempt to settle quickly. They will call and write frequently, asking for updates and minimize, subtly, your injuries. Consult an attorney. Consultations should be free. Get treatment and focus on your health. You have three years, in Washington State, to file a claim from the date of loss.

Let your attorney handle the insurance companies. You should focus on improving your health during this period.

Keep a folder or safe keeping of all pictures, notes, documents relating to your personal injury claim. This will help if you decide to bring an attorney on board or simply for your own organization.

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