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Should I Get an Attorney for SSI?

Deciding when you should get an attorney for social security insurance (SSI) can be a stressful decision. Many anxieties and fears can fill your mind about getting one too early, getting an attorney too late, if it’s ok to just talk with one about your concerns, and many other thoughts likely criss cross your mind. To help put you at ease and help you determine when you should get an attorney for SSI help we’ve put together a short guide. 

Most of the time, people wonder “should I get an attorney for SSI help?” consider two primary questions:

  • Should I get an attorney for SSI before filing?
  • Should I get an Attorney for SSI for appeals?

These two questions will be our primary focus to help you determine when you should get an SSI attorney.

Should I Get an Attorney for SSI Before Filing?

It is true that a lawyer isn’t necessary to file for Social Security benefits, but they can be a great guide during the complicated and confusing process. Many people who file for SSI benefits don’t know how to fill out the necessary paperwork or submit the correct medical documents, which is often a reason claims are denied. This is where getting an SSI attorney can help.

Social Security Disability attorneys know the application process and understand it deeply. They know how to present your case that makes your claim undeniable rather than a point of debate and can help you obtain the necessary medical documentation from doctors, hospitals, or where you have received treatments. An SSI lawyer can also help you understand the criteria and make sure you meet them, helping to avoid your claim being rejected and following up with SSA to give you updates as they are available. 

Should you get an attorney for SSI filing? You don’t have to, but it could be a great help to securing what is yours.

Should I get an Attorney for SSI During Appeals?

Appeals are a stressful process, putting aside how panicking it can be to have your SSI claim denied. Having an SSI attorney represent you during the appeal process, like at hearing proceedings or reconsideration, is an essential move. They can collect and submit important medical evidence, talk with your doctor or medical professionals you’ve seen, and help prepare you for questions that the judge may ask. 

Your SSI attorney can guide you in your testimony to help the judge better understand how your disability has prevented your ability to work or impacted it significantly. If you’re unable to appear at a hearing because of your disability, your lawyer has the ability to request an OTR, or on the record, decision. This can make it possible for your claim to be approved without a hearing. 

It is the right of an American citizen to appear in court without an attorney, but during an appeal, it is strongly not recommended. They have the expertise and experience to handle the various processes and argue in your favor. That is not something skip over or pass on. Without a doubt, you should have an SSI attorney for appeals.

Social Security Attorneys

In both sections, the answer to both questions is, essentially: “you don’t have to, but it’s a good idea.” When it comes SSI lawyers and the process itself, the rule of thumb is “the earlier, the better.” You want to be proactive with your Social Security and not wait to be denied or be in the midst of an appeal process. Even hiring an SSI attorney before filing can help you avoid issues altogether. 

Here at Marken Law Group, we believe in aggressive representation and have represented hundreds of claimants in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and California to obtain what is rightfully theirs. We focus on your individual needs rather than treat all cases as the same, bring our extensive experience to bear on the situation, and help guide you through Social Security Appeals as well as filing. Getting what you need to live and have what you deserve is too important to leave to chance. Partner with experience and an aggressive ally that is by your side from start to finish. Above all though, have a qualified SSI lawyer to help you through this process rather than doing it on your own. 

We look forward to fighting for you and helping you avoid the fight entirely.