Denied Social Security Disability Form.

Reasons Why Your Denied Social Security Disability

Being denied social security disability can be a very stressful event and cause panic when you’re counting on that income to survive. The good news is that being denied social security isn’t the end, but before you appeal the decision, it’s important to understand why your claim for benefits was rejected in the first place.

Here are some common reasons why your social security disability claim could have been rejected.

Lack of Medical Disability Evidence

When you’re submitting a claim for social security disability benefits, it’s important to have strong medical evidence and documentation that supports your disability. Also, the evidence must demonstrate how your disability prevents you from working. Many applications for social security disability are denied because of improper documentation or not having enough evidence to support the claim.

Prior Denial

Another reason you’re denied social security disability is not filing an appeal but instead submitting another application for benefits. While it can be a stressful process to appeal your denied claims, it’s important you do so as submitting another claim is likely to be denied. In fact, it greatly increases the likelihood that your new application will be denied, as well as any others after. 

Too Much Earnings to Claim Benefits

SSDI claims aren’t just about your medical records, but also your income and ability to work. If you’ve submitted a claim for social security disability and continue to work and/or have earned too much money, it is likely you’ll be deemed ineligible for benefits. To get your disability benefits, you can only earn a limited amount of wages while receiving them. Also, it doubles as proof that you are not too disabled to work, which further disqualifies you and leads to being denied social security disability benefits. 

Not Following Medical Advice

Listening to your doctor is generally good advice, but when applying for social security disability, it is essential to do. Any gaps in medical care or evidence of not following treatments, ignoring medical advice can be grounds for your denied social security disability claim. The SSA examiner could argue that because you’re not actively pursuing treatment or there isn’t evidence of treatment, that it is impossible to determine whether or not you are disabled or enough so not to work. 

Lack of Information to SSI

Sometimes the SSA examiner will make requests for more information to support your benefits claim. If you’ve ignored these requests or failed to cooperate with the SSA’s application process, it is highly likely you’ll be denied social security disability benefits.

When filing, be sure your proper address is listed and respond to all requests made by the office. Any failure to cooperate with the SSA examiner and your claim will likely be denied. 

A Guide to Denied Disability

If you’ve been denied social security disability and any of the reasons above ring a bell, it’s important you have the right guide to ensure your appeal gets you what is rightfully yours. Being denied social security disability is a scary and stressful time, especially if counting on that extra income makes you think you cannot afford an SSI attorney. It’s important to understand that a social security disability attorney is the kind of guide you need during the appeals process and how they are paid. To learn more about how much SSD attorneys charge.

Here at Marken Law Group, we do not charge fees unless we are successful in your case and have a thorough understanding of the appeals process as well as social security disability. We understand how stressful getting your rightful SSI benefits can be and don’t want to add to your plate during such an uneasy time. We have represented hundreds of claimants in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and California to obtain what is rightfully theirs. We focus on your individual needs and bring our extensive experience to help guide you through. 

Getting what you need to live and have what you deserve is too important to leave to chance. Partner with an experienced ally that is by your side from start to finish. Above all though, having qualified SSI lawyers to help you through this process to better secure your benefits. 

We look forward to fighting for you and overturning your denied social security disability.