Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

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Insurance companies want you to settle quickly and often for little or no money. What they don’t want? Marken Law Group, PS, on your side. We’ve helped numerous people receive compensation for medical bills and pain & suffering. We offer free consultations and only charge a fee if we recover the settlement you approve! Contacting us couldn’t be easier: we’re available online, on the phone or via text message. Reduced settlement fees for senior citizens and active or retired military.

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About the Process

Likely you were recently involved in a motor vehicle accident and the calls have come flooding in; from insurance representatives wanting to settle your case quickly and cheaply, hospitals and medical providers wanting payment for services rendered and threathening collections. This all will STOP the moment you call Marken Law Group, PS, and let us represent your needs.

What to Expect

  • Focused Representation Based Upon individual Needs
  • An Advocate for Your Specific Injuries and Compensation
  • A Personalized Approach to Your Claim and Case
  • Free Consultation and No Fee Unless You Approve the Settlement!

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