Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits Is Not Welfare!

At Marken Law Group, PS, we represent claimants filing under Title II, Social Security Disability Insurance, and Title XVI, Supplemental Security Income, or SSI benefits. The two claims are vastly different. Many people have an incorrect view of SSI benefits as welfare. This is simply not true.

In order to obtain SSI benefits one has to prove they are disabled under the Social Security Act. This is exactly like Title II, SSDI, in that one does not get benefits unless they prove they are unable to work in the competitive national economy.

Why the stigma?

The stigma surrounding SSI is threefold. First, all SSI beneficiaries receive the same monthly amount across the entire country. Secondly, to obtain SSI benefits you do not need to have ever worked in your life. Finally, the Federal Government can reduce your monthly amount for rent, child support, alimony and other reasons, often resulting in an unfairly negative view of people on the program.

The reality is to receive SSI benefits, one has to prove they are disabled. There are many situations why SSI benefits are the ONLY claim possible, even if you have worked significantly in your life. We have clients who were injured on the job and filed Labor and Industries claims and waited for several years. Unfortunately for them, when you pay into Social Security under Title II you are only eligible to receive these benefits until a certain cut-off, referred to as a date last insured. The date last insured is roughly three years from the last quarter you paid into the Social Security insurance fund. If you did not file a Social Security claim concurrent with a state Labor and Industries claim, you might only be eligible for SSI benefits.

We represent clients who were stay-at-home-mothers and due to their conditions and life circumstances, were unable to go back into the workforce and need to prove they are disabled. They might not have a work history but they are unable to work in the competitive environment.

Marken Law Group, PS, also represents self-employed people who, while hard workers, never paid into the Social Security insurance fund. These claimants worked very hard but are only eligible for SSI benefits.

No matter what the circumstances, SSI benefits are awarded to those that are not able to work and are proven disabled at or before a Social Security hearing with an administrative law judge.

SSI benefits are, against common belief, difficult to obtain. To prove you are disabled requires an objective medical record, proof of disabling conditions, and often testimony at a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. A Social Security attorney is recommended to help you navigate the federal laws and immense paperwork that is required for a strong claim to be presented in front of Social Security.

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