Social Security Pitfalls; Losing a Claim

Marken Law Group, PS has helped hundreds obtain Social Security Disability benefits. We know the judges, the system, the law and what to expect and what to provide at every stage of your appeal. We do not charge a fee unless you obtain the benefits you deserve.

There are common pitfalls that every claimant who is not represented by an attorney often falls victim to, the most common of which is not having your doctors or mental health counselors advocate for your disability claim. Marken Law Group, PS, has specifically tailored forms for every condition both physical and mental, which are specifically designed to have the highest impact with the Social Security Administration. We know what the Social Security Administration is looking for in making their determinations and we created our questionnaires for that specific purpose; getting you benefits. Most claimants going through the process might, if they are smart, have a doctor write a letter but absent specific objective findings the letter will prove essentially worthless. You need tailored forms that appeal to Social Security.

A second pitfall in a claimant who is not represented is obtaining ALL medical records pertinent to your claim. While Social Security will typically obtain some medical records, it ultimately is your responsibility, for your claim, to make sure the most UP TO DATE records and ALL your records are with Social Security.

The Social Security Administration will typically not continue a hearing so you can obtain additional records, they will simply decide your case and usually deny you. All medical records means ER visits, mental health treatment, imaging is vitally important which is typically NOT done at your regular primary care provider. These vital records might be missed.

Another pitfall is a failure to properly complete two vital forms; the adult function report and work history report. Failure to PROPERLY complete these forms will spell an end to your claim.

A final pitfall is not being adequately prepared for your hearing, if you have gone to that level, by not knowing the judge and what is too be expected of you at hearing. Each judge is unique and you need to be prepped and prepared prior to entering the courtroom. People can lose their GREAT claim by NOT being prepared for the hearing alone.

Marken Law Group, PS, thoroughly prepares our claimants for the hearing level as we have been in front of all the judges on the west coast. We have tailor made forms for your specific ailment which is vital in winning your Social Security Disability Claim. We will walk you through your forms you need to fill out for Social Security to make sure your claim is presented in the light most favorable to obtaining benefits. Call Today. No Benefits, No Fee!