Social security claim document on a desk.

How much do I get paid for being found disabled?

Marken Law Group, PS, has helped hundreds obtain Social Security Disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income benefits through the administration. We take clients at ALL stages from initial filing to every appeal level. We don’t obtain a fee unless you get the benefits you deserve!

Many people are found disabled and wonder, what now? When will I get paid? How much will I get paid? How will I know how much I will get paid? Unfortunately, these questions are very complex! If you are found disabled you have received either a “FULLY FAVORABLE” or “PARTIALLY FAVORABLE” decision in the mail. This document, if you attend a hearing, can be 3-6 months from your hearing. Even if the judge states on the record they were going to find you disabled, you will still have to wait for the written decision. Unfortunately, the decision doesn’t tell you much with respect to how much you are going to get paid. It WILL tell you, however, which claim you have been approved; Title 2 (Social Security Disability Insurance) or Title 16 (Supplemental Security Income). These claims, while alike in you have to prove you are disabled, are vastly different in how much they pay out if you have been approved.

The baseline for Title 16 (SSI) in 2018 is $750.00 per month. There is a caveat, however, where SSI will reduce your monthly amount for back child support, alimony, restitution, free or reduced housing, and many reasons! Many are often suprised how much their SSI payments are reduced. An example of how SSI reduces for housing can be found here.

Their is no baseline for Title 2 (SSDI) as SSDI is based on your earnings and quarters of coverage. The more you worked and more money you made, the higher your monthly allotment will be.

If you have been approved for DISABILITY with the Social Security Administration, the most important document you will receive in entitled “NOTICE OF AWARD.” This document, arriving obviously after your written decision arrives will detail how much you are due in back pay, how the Social Security Administration is going to disburse your back pay, how much you will receive each month and the day of the month you are likely to receive that amount.

Has a state agency provided you welfare benefits while you have been waiting to be found disabled? They are probably owed their amount paid back and Social Security will disburse that amount to them directly.

Do you have an attorney? Again, Social Security will pay your attorney directly out of your back pay only.

When do I receive my funds? After your hearing, if you have one, I tell my clients to expect as long as NINE months to get paid. This might be a very long time but I have seen it happen plenty of times before to make this a possibility.

Marken Law Group, PS, has helped many people obtain Social Security Disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. Call today for a free consultation!