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How a Social Security lawyer can help you obtain benefits.

Marken Law Group, PS, has helped hundreds obtain Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits through diligent representation. We do not charge a fee unless you obtain the benefits you deserve. Many often take the burden on themselves of representing themselves before the Social Security Administration. Below is what a Social Security attorney ought to provide to your claim.

A Social Security attorney will not charge a fee unless you obtain benefits. Their fee is capped by federal law at 25% or $6,000.00, whichever is LESS, of your back pay only.

If you are found disabled one month prior, for purposes of this article say April 1, 2018, your attorney would only be able to collect 25% of that ONE month of back-pay benefits. Depending on the amount you receive it could be as low as $100.00 or as high as $700.00. If the attorney helps you get found disabled several years ago, that amount is likely to be $6,000.00 at which the fee is capped. A lawyer should EARN their fee. A lawyer earns the fee, in my opinion, through several strategies and practical applications.

A Social Security lawyer should provide you and your doctor or mental health professional with documents entitled “TREATING SOURCE STATEMENTS,” which are specifically tailored from a vocational and diagnosis aspect to be submitted to Social Security so you can obtain benefits. These statements can be highly influential in obtaining benefits. A generic or vague letter from your doctor stating “JANE DOE CANNOT WORK” is NOT sufficient.

A Social Security lawyer will help you complete and fill out the myriad of forms you receive from Social Security to be presented in a light most favorable. These forms include adult function reports, disability reports, work activity reports, teleconferencing objections, release of information and more.

A Social Security lawyer will ensure the Social Security Administration has all your medical records or is aware of the location of all your medical providers so a honest and thorough evaluation can be conducted.

A Social Security lawyer will, if needed, prepare you for hearing and, hopefully, know the judge who will be deciding your case. This is important as administrative law hearings are loosely run and each judge has their own set of questions they like to ask the claimant. Each judge will also have their own concerns with items in a particular record and you need an attorney who can prepare you for their potential “red flags” in your medical record.

A Social Security will know your medical record, through-and-through, and prepare a brief for the judge outlining why they should find you disabled. A lawyer, as all lawyers should be, should advocate for your claim!

Marken Law Group, PS, has one-on-one representation with our clients. You deal with our attorney and NOT the paralegals and secretaries. Call for a free consultation today. No Benefits, No Fee!