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I’ve Been Denied Social Security Benefits in Spokane. Now What?

Applying for Social Security benefits is unfortunately not always a clear cut process. Despite having a disability that prevents you from working, there are several reasons that could cause your SSI or SSDI benefits to be taken away, or for you to be denied Social Security benefit claims.

However, there’s no need to worry. If you were denied Social Security disability benefits, or your benefits were reduced or taken away, you have the opportunity to appeal the decision.

While the appeals process can be complicated, there are plenty of resources available in Spokane to help you. This includes a Social Security Administration (SSA) office right here in town that can help provide you with additional information. There are also experienced disability lawyers in Spokane that can help you fight for your benefis.

If you’re in Spokane, and have been denied Social Security benefits, here’s what you’ll need to do to appeal:

1. File A Request For Reconsideration
Your first step to appeal your SSI/SSDI decision will be to file a Request for Reconsideration with the SSA. This request must be submitted within 60 days of receiving notice that you’ve been denied Social Security benefits.

Requesting reconsideration can be done online at the SSA website, or at their offices here in Spokane.

In most cases you will be asked to provide additional evidence to support your claim so be sure to get additional information from your doctor to support your request.

Your request will then be reviewed by a new individual who was not involved in your initial decision. They will then decide whether to approve or deny your request based on the existing evidence and any new information you have provided.

2. Find A Lawyer
If your request for reconsideration is denied, the next thing you should do is find a lawyer in Spokane that specializes in Social Security claims. An experienced disability lawyer like Evan Marken is probably the best resource at your disposal to help you navigate the Social Security appeals process.

They can help you complete and file your paperwork correctly and on time, gather additional evidence to strengthen your case, and understand the complicated legal process.

The best part is, the SSA regulates the fees that you have to pay. This means you’ll only have to pay your lawyer if you win your appeal, and there is a limit to the amount your lawyer can charge if you win.

3. Request a Hearing
If your initial claim and your request for reconsideration have been denied, you can file a hearing request to have your case reviewed by an administrative law judge. Requests for hearings can also be done online or at the office here in Spokane. They must also be submitted within 60 days after your request for reconsideration has been denied.

At the hearing you will have the opportunity to present additional evidence and even subpoena witnesses to support your case. The judge will then review the evidence and then decide whether to provide you with your benefits.

While this process is available for anyone, meeting legal deadlines and requirements can be difficult for those who are not trained. Having a good lawyer at your side can take the stress off you, and help you ensure that your appeals follow proper guidelines.

4. Request a Review by The Appeals Council
If the judge at your hearing also denies your claim, you have the right to submit a request for review by the SSA Appeals Council.

This council will look at the evidence and decide whether to review the case or support the judge’s original decision. If they decide to review your case they may make a determination themselves or return it to an administrative law judge for additional consideration.

If you have obtained a lawyer, they will be able to help you better understand this step and apply for appeal with the council.

5. File a Suit in Federal Court
Finally, if you disagree with the Appeals Council decision, or it will not hear your case, your final option is to file a civil suit in federal district court.

This step cannot be completed through the Social Security Administration and will likely require the assistance of a qualified disability lawyer to complete.

Get Help From Experienced Spokane Disability Lawyers

The highly experienced lawyers here at Marken Law Group, PS, have been successfully helping hundreds of people in Spokane appeal their Social Security benefit claims for over a decade. We can help you understand and complete the appeals process, and will fight hard for you to get the benefits you need.

If you need help appealing your SSI or SSDI claim, call or text us at 509-879-4626 or contact us right away! We guarantee quick response, and remember: we don’t get paid unless your claim is approved!